Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blogging for Choices

Interesting. Today is something called "Blog for Choice" day. Last year's was so "successful" that even a 'net savvy person and multiple-blog reader like me didn't hear of it until this year. Being a giving guy, I'd like to help them out and add one more post to this year's flurry, one that will raise the profile of this "cause" by the at least 3-4 people who visit the Northern 'Burbs Blog.

The question posed by Blog for Choice:
What is your top pro-choice hope for President-elect Obama (he'll be President Obama by the time Blog for Choice Day rolls around!) and/or the new Congress.

My top pro-choice hope is that this nation's leadership will provide for millions of unborn children the opportunity to make choices by letting them live instead of snuffing out their lives before they get to make any choices at all.

That is, I'd like them to call the "pro-choice" movement on its rhetorical bluff and point to the fact that this "choice" to abort is about stealing the right to make choices from the unborn. An aborted baby can never choose anything.

No society permits all choices. You can't legally choose to steal or sell meth in this country to cite two examples. Choice is only a virtue when the thing chosen is virtuous. Abortion isn't virtuous. We need to stop the canard that only pro-abortion folks care about choice.

I care about choice too, but I care about good choices and providing the environment for people to make their own choices (up until those choices are immoral, or when the choices impact others negatively - like abortion does.) When we take someone's life before that person even has a chance to make his or her first choice...well that is about as anti-choice as you can get.

On this anniversary of one of the worst decisions ever made, let's remember that we should be standing against oppression of which abortion is the worst sort. In taking away the life of the unborn, we're also taking away choice.

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