Monday, January 26, 2009

Back to it?

Okay, so my off-again, off-again series on the mega-church question is back on. At least for the near future, though part of me wants to do this so I can get back to posting infrequently about other things!

I introduced the question back in '07* as I was getting irritated (yes, level-headed me gets irritated at times) by the way some Christians were piling on churches. Forget unity and the wisdom of handling disagreements private, we Christians are seemingly better at attacking each other than we are at loving each other. Which considering how we should be known is kinda sad.

So that was the motivation. Since that time, I've done more thinking and talking about what makes up a church, and the purposes of the local church. Much of that was driven by some things heard as an elder at my church. It's been revealing hearing from some their views on church. We don't talk much about our ecclesiology, and that is to our detriment I think. When we're not reminded of our purpose, we tend to drift. And little is more important than unity when things like vision and purpose are involved. (Please note: I will NOT talk about specifics from my church as I'm not abusing my position there for blog fodder; the things I'll talk about may be of interest to other attenders, but my point is to the American Evangelical church writ large, not my church specifically. The place to work through our own particular brand of issues - and all churches have them - is within our church.)

I guess that means some of what I'll go into over the next few posts may not be exactly what I'd planned when I first floated the idea of talking through church. It also means I'm open to comments or questions about church in general, not so much just about mega churches.

As a refresher, here are the first few posts from last spring's launch of the series. I'll be back soon with the first actual question and (my shot at an) answer to get us started.

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God bless,

*Four posts in over a year, and little actual discussion of the question. I'm thinking this might be the longest running, yet least fruitful blog series ever. Oops!


ella jean said...

thanks for the stimulating blogs. looking forward to your thoughts to come - assuming they DO indeed come.

R. Stewart said...

Chastisement noted and appreciated:)