Monday, August 18, 2008


Yeah, back for my (apparently) every other/third/fourth month blog entry. Random thoughts of recent note, and I don't pretend you'll care about them:

I can't take gymnastics (or figure skating, or diving, or any "judged" sport) terribly seriously when scoring is so subjective.
This Phelps guy - he's not bad. Despite the "creating history" thing, though, my daughters are much more interested in the gymnastics. They're also convinced that they'll both be in the Olympics someday, despite not having taken more than a community ed gymnastics "class" or two. If I ever find someone stealing the innocence and faith of those two...
Continuing the sports theme, go Twins! Keep getting ignored by the national media despite being in first place this late in the season! Whoo-hoo! (And no, I don't think they win the division; too many bullpen problems, even with a Chicago team that's not exactly unbeatable. The World Series does not go through the AL Central this year.)
Can Evangelicals please stop thinking that just because someone> is passionate about social justice issues that he/she is NOT an unbeliever? And just because he may associate with people of different beliefs that there's something wrong with him? Remember: They will know us by our love. I don't recall an 11th commandment that they'll know us by our fidelity to a 20th Century pseudo-political Evangelical interpretation of scripture which leads to an inordinate amount of time being spent arguing against gay marriage rather than loving people and sharing the Gospel.

Just saying.

(Note to self: you were writing a series on this. Get back to it. Also, obligatory defense of my beliefs on the subject of gay marriage/abortion/etc...not found here as they are irrelevant to my argument. But they are consistently orthodox.)
That said, Senator Obama may have lost my vote a long time ago. I just can't get past this comment that says that babies are a punishment. I know what he (says he) meant by that comment, but it betrays an absolutely abhorrent philosophy that bothers me in a couple of ways. First of all, children are not punishment. We need to stop devaluing life. Now.

And I don't care what excuses the statement; in this scenario he's talking about his own (hypothetical) grandchildren being a punishment! No matter the context, it just doesn't sit at all well that someone vying to be the "leader of the free world" would even think something so horrific. Then he inserts his own children into the example? Ugh. It's been months since he said this, and it still disturbs me.

Second, this comment points to a philosophy of responsibility-avoidance that has become epidemic among leadership in this country. When our leaders don't exhibit pesonal responsibility, why should the rest of us? We need leaders who don't look for ways to get out of trouble; we need leaders who talk about (and are examples on how to) avoid getting into trouble in the first place.
That doesn't mean I'm a Senator McCain fan. Maybe I'm too young to remember, but have we always had such a dearth of good political candidates? In my mind, the last "great" politician was President Reagan. I'm not sure if we've even had a great senator or congress-person in my lifetime. Any nominees? (And I respect Senator McCain as a great American and soldier. Doesn't mean I think he's been an extraordinary Senator.)
Facebook is somewhat addictive. But I have more than 100 friends now, which is nice. Much better than the, what, 3-4 I have on MySpace?
Finally, I don't get to movies in the theaters as much as I used to, but I have been able to see a couple this year. Indiana Jones IV wasn't bad, but the first and third installment of the series were much better. Likewise, The Mummy 3 was a mild disappointment. I think the franchise just isn't the same without Rachel Weisz as Evelyn. I'm just waiting, though, for a good movie that's (a) not a sequel, (b) not part of a series and (c) is an original of high quality.

Except this movie will somehow violate both (a) and (b) and still somehow be (c). That's how much faith I have in Pixar. That's the one company for which I'd move to California to work, site unseen. (My wife would, of course, require the salary work out too. But that's why I married her. She's practical, and reminds me not to do stupid things like uproot the family on a whim.)

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