Friday, October 26, 2007

Wow! I Remembered I Have a Blog!

For those of you wondering, and inquiring, yes, I do still plan some things here at the blog. To wit, I have things in progress to update y'all on:

  1. The Mega-Church Question

  2. A mission trip I took to Donetsk, Ukraine this past summer

  3. Life in general

  4. Various tidbits from the news, including resolution of a thought I was working waaaay back in the days after the bridge collapsed

  5. Some DVD reviews

  6. Thoughts on politics, the environment and the war in Iraq

  7. The story of a little girl that may soon become more prominent 'round here

I haven't left the blogosphere, but life and work and church have conspired to keep me away more than I'd have liked.

Hope all remains well - and until soon,

God bless!


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greasy joan said...

Well... let us hear from you!