Monday, August 06, 2007

Why the Bridge?

I'm not sure how much I can post on the 35W bridge collapse. I still have too many vivid memories of driving over the thing, having grown up in South Minny and using that route hundreds, if not thousands, of times in my life. It still feels odd that it's not there anymore.

I certainly still feel for the missing, the injured, and the families of the dead from the collapse. And I'm certainly still proud of those who risked their own safety to help others. Many prayers, I know, are going out for each of them.

What I detest, though, and what is making me sick of the story are the pathetic people who are trying to make political hay out of this incident while there are bodies to recover, hurts to heal and lives to repair. For instance: KAR (as well as many others in the MOB) point out the lunacy of local columnist Nick Coleman's column of last week (WARNING: language/style may be offensive to some.) We are trying to help people, and we are probably 18 plus months away from firm answers regarding causation. Yet he (and many others) are reflexively blaming others. Sick. Sad. Pathetic. Makes me blood boil, it does. Now isn't the time, and that isn't the tone. The "why" questions will be answered in due course. Respect the hurt and dead. Leave the grandstanding for another time.

But there is one "why" question that we can look at, and it is the why question we hear in any time of disaster, tragedy, violence or suffering. Why, we hear, if there is a God, do these things happen? This is, to me, the acceptable "why" at this time. It demonstrates a human need to understand and especially to understand God.

To that question I will turn tomorrow. I need to cool down.

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