Friday, June 01, 2007

Disciplined Writing

Hey! The dearth of content probably makes you think I'm not very disciplined as a writer. Well, yes and no. I write a lot, just not always (or often!) on the blog.

But I do wish I was more disciplined about what/where/when I write. So, I'm taking on a challenge to help me focus, for one month, on a single writing project I've wanted to complete for a long time.

It's Script Frenzy time. From the folks who bring you National Novel Writing Month comes a way to motivate the aspiring screen-/playwrite to actually get something down on paper. Or, in bits, as it were.

You'll be able to measure my "progress" here, assuming the link works for people who aren't me.

Join the fun and we can suffer/rejoice together at the end of June.

God bless,

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