Monday, April 02, 2007

Trippin' 'Round the 'Sphere - 4/2/07 Edition

Miss a year, there's catching up to do. So, while I was out (and since I've been back):

Amy and Greg are adding to their humble family. Congratulations!

Kristin and Ryan also added to their clan. Welcome Noah!

Jeremy posted wonderful stuff on inerrancy and infallibility (read the comments too) as well as an interesting post on environmental efficiency vis a vis the primary 2000 presidential candidates. (Personally, I think it's better to promote stewardship because it's the right thing to do rather than to push global warming as "the issue." First because the spokespeople for the movement aren't exactly all credible enough to sway the skeptics. Second, it gives short-shrift to other important environmental issues. Third, if global warming becomes the equivalent of the 1970's-esque "pending ice age!" scare the environmental science community risks wolf-crying reputation in the future. If we act like we should, these things would take care of themselves. No reason to dilute the good stewardship message by staking our claims to one issue that may end up being either irreversible or non-existent. That enough speechifying?)

Mark Lee rates the final four fight songs here. I couldn't get a comment in for some reason, but I'd rank 'em OSU, Flordia, UCLA and Georgetown.

Catez did a redesign of her site. Looks good! I'm sure it'd sound good, too, what with the New Zealand accent, but...she doesn't have any sound on the blog.

I started looking for a spare $600 million.

Always the voice of the Twins for me. Rest in peace Herb.

God bless!


Catez said...

Thanks for the mention Ron. Somepeople think the NZ accent sounds British andothers think it soinds a bit Australian. It's a like a mixture of both I think :)

R. Stewart said...

We'll you'll just have to start podcasting, and we'll see!