Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Techy Stuff

I'm tweaking some things on the site, and need some assistance. For some reason, I can't get the Haloscan comments to work on both the main page and the individual post's page. Therefore, I end up with two sets of comments, at times, for each post: one Haloscan, one Blogger. Ideas?

And yes, I'm sure it's something stupid I overlooked. My geek's license will soon be revoked I'm sure.

Also, thanks to Catez's blog I found some rather cool toys, like the boxes at right for my blogrolls. I think it neatens things up nicely. I also found the tracking tool for seeing how many folks are checking out the ol' NBB from her. Thanks Catez!

Go away for a while there are all sorts of new toys to add to the blog. I may add more things over the near future as I try and figure out how I want things to look. Your patience and input are much appreciated!

God bless,


Catez said...

Hi Ron,
It's ages since I added haloscan - I remember adding it manually to my site, and turning off Blooger cmments. Maybe that will help.

Catez said...

Although - with blogger having pop up comments now, and moderation - do you need to change?