Monday, April 09, 2007

If a Blogswarm Was Announced but Nobody Read it...

Is a blogswarm like this effective if, say, a fairly broad-reading blogger doesn't hear about it until reading about it at KAR after the fact?

I kinda feel sorry for people who think we're actually headed for a theocracy. Not a single Christian I've ever met wants one of those. I'd think living in fear of something nobody of consequence is proposing would have to take a year or two off someone's life.

Truth be told, though, what the originating post calls out are issues about which people in a democracy (or, in our case, a democratic republic) can banter about and discuss in hopes of persuading more people to adopt one position or another. And on purely secular grounds, in many cases, although religious grounds are often used in discussions on each topic named. A country could quite easily adopt each position against which these folks are arguing and still not be a true theocracy, or vice versa. Ironic.

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Catez said...

I hadn't heard about the blogswarm. I have encountered a few sites in the past that do propose that God wants a theocracy - much to my surprise. But they are a small minority I think.