Thursday, March 29, 2007

Back in the saddle again

For the past (nearly a) year I've been on a hiatus. I often found myself encountering things which would be great blog fodder, but just as often would talk myself out of jumping on board just then. I'd let the moment slide, and relax in the refreshing bliss that is not blogging.

But I missed it. So, I came back, and have a new sense of refreshment about writing here again. The problem is, I missed an entire election cycle, and I've blogged on the environment before, so my best material isn't quite timely.

Then again, my best material may not be worth rehashing.

So, I'll start gently. First, thanks to St. Paul et al for getting me back into the MOB so quickly. It's just kinda cool to be a MOBster. I had the shirt from last year, and wanted to wear it again.

Second, I'll avoid giving you movie reviews of all the movies on DVD I've watched of late, like The Prestige (3 of 4 whatevers - I need a rating marker. Stars and thumbs-up are too cliche), The Illusionist (2.5 of 4 whatevers - Paul Giamatti was quite good, but the ending wasn't surprising) or Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2.5 of 4 whatevers - the middle act of a trilogy wasn't satisfying at the end.) I do think this will be a wonderful summer for movies, though, which means next winter I'll have much DVD watching to do. That's the price you pay for having kids, which means double the price of movies due to babysitter fees.

I will, though, let you know some of the things that happened over the past year. First, I changed jobs. I'm still a project manager in the IT realm, but now for a different company in a different industry. For reasons I won't say which firm, or which industry. Plus, I don't really blog about work, so it's of no mind.

I also was elected to be an elder at my church. Humbling, that, and tough. I have a whole new appreciation for the position. Editorial aside: please pray for your church's leaders. They need it.

My wife went to India for another visit to minister to the Dalits again. And I am planning a short-term mission trip to the Ukraine this summer. The biggest downside to that is missing two weeks of softball, but that's probably not the best reason for skipping the opportunity God set before me.

I'd say more, but Blogger2 is mis-formatting all my links and causing much re-work. My laziness, and need to get the girls all storied up for bedtime, mean I need to call it a night. Suffice it to say, I'm glad to be back. And sometime soon I promise to be more interesting:)

God bless,


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welcome back!

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Great to have you back!

R. Stewart said...

Thanks! Good to be back.