Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Trippin' 'Round the 'Sphere - 5/3/06 Edition

Excuse my break yesterday. We had company out yesterday evening. The series returns tomorrow. In the meantime...

Christian Carnival is up at Daddypundit. Early favorites include Jeremy Pierce's piece on ID and a post on Biblical Inerrancy (and how you may as well head to the pub w/out it) at The No Kool Aid Zone.

And speaking of the Carnival, there is new info regarding the mailing list. Check it out if you want to be/remain in the loop.

I'm pretty sure Kristin and I serve the same God, which is why I agree wholeheartedly with her on this post. Love of money and bling ain't where our hearts should be at. (Did I just completely violate seventeen grammar rules in one sentence?)

I'm don't read Jonah Goldberg often, so missed this, but STR quotes him making a very astute point.

A few random sports opinions:

  • The new Vikings uniforms aren't as nice as the last batch. But at least they didn't mess w/the helmet. I'm still not buying any.

  • I'm not in favor of giving money to billionaires. They want stadiums, they can pay for them.

  • The U is a different story. That's a public institution, and while people may disagree with funding a stadium over, say, a bio-tech research building, at least the U has a case for public funding.

  • Dude, that Vikings draft was not impressive. I hope I'm eating my words in three years, but so far I think the new regime isn't an improvement. Then again, I haven't been impressed by much that organization has done in years, on or off the field.

Now, off to enjoy the nice weather. Hopefully it stays nice this weekend so our softball league isn't rained out two weeks in a row.

God bless!

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