Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I Consider Myself, the Luckiest Blogger on the Face of the Earth...

Well, no, I don't. That's partly because I don't believe in luck, and partly because even if I did I never had the fortune to step into a high-traffic-generating issue that brought down a news anchor. But that's okay. I found a niche, and was blessed enough to meet some people who were kind enough to engage in some fascinating discussions with me.

By now, the astute among you will have noted my use of the past tense. That is because this will be the final blog post at the NBB. For numerous reasons, many of which coalesced this past weekend, I am "retiring" from active blogging.

And no, there is nothing wrong with me or my family that is driving this decision. It has more to do with some (positive!) things coming up in my own life that will take up the time I was spending here, and some new goals I have. Not to mention the fact that I just feel it's time to move on. (Many Christians will know the feeling - you just "know" when God is telling you to do, or to stop, something. I have that feeling now.)

So, while I hope that you have enjoyed what you've found here (even if you've disagreed with it) I also hope you won't miss me too terribly much. I'll still read a lot of blogs, and will comment from time to time. There's just something else to which I need turn my attention.

For now and always,

God bless!


Not Crunchy said...

Didn't see that coming! I'll miss your posts Ron! Don't be a stranger. Glad to know you. :-) -Alice

R. Stewart said...

Alice -
Well, I'll always be stranger than some folks:)

No worries, I'll still be visiting y'all. I'm just not going to be blogging here until/unless I feel called back to it. Life is taking a few twists this year, none of which are bad, but all of which are leading me different places.

God bless!

Douglas said...

You've consistently had something good to contribute. God has something good for you to do.