Thursday, May 25, 2006

How to Find the Northern 'Burbs - 5/25

More folks meandered here via search engines. These are some of the more interesting paths they took.

  • what disasters can happen in minnesota Well, we do have a few

  • What do you believe mans’ relationship to animals is or should be? Timely considering Tuesday's post. I think the relationship depends on the animal in question. For instance, I think our relation to cows should be eater-food. (You can read my posts on the environment to find a less tongue-in-cheek answer.)

  • northwords oogie boogie I must not live far enough north. These words aren't used around here.

  • serving the lord for woman Huh. Wasn't exactly my motivation for serving God, but I guess different folks have different expectations.

  • flood lord will provide national guard helicopter Does the Lord pay $700 for hammers to fix those choppers too, or is that just a U.S. government thing?

  • teaching in northern canada Well, Canada is the only thing further north than Minnesota...but there's

  • "70's style clothing" That was the bane of my childhood. It's also why we let our girls pick their clothes, within reason - when they look back at their kidhood pix, they can't blame us for their fashion choices.

You can also find the Northern 'Burbs Blog at this Christian Carnival - along with many other Christian-themed posts. Head on over!

God bless!

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