Thursday, May 11, 2006

How to Find the Northern 'Burbs - 5/11

A good number of people of late have arrived here via searches for things like "euthanasia" or "Dalits" - which are things that I've posted on lately, and make sense. A couple of searches, though, befuddle me.

  • god position to sex: This blog is NOT the Kama Sutra blog.

  • submission and authority submission is higher than our work how has submission or rebellion in your work affected us : Not really odd, just the longest search string I've ever seen

  • This Guy Falls Down Christian who is proud to fall: I'm assuming this is someone looking for Mark Lee's blog, but I think it's a bit of "not getting the point" to think Christians are "proud" to fall...

  • the lord nick bubs: Nick Bubs is not a title for the Lord I remember from the Bible

  • married guy sex blog: I repeat, this it NOT the Kama Sutra blog.

Tune in next week when searches will include "Kama Sutra blog" and "Nick Bubs falls down in submission to higher authority position."

God bless!

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