Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Comment Policy

Since an unfortunate troll who needs prayer more than attention has followed me from another blog, I am explicitly clarifying my commenting policy. I guess it had to happen, although I'm sorry for it.

This blog is not run by the U.S. or any State/Local government. As such, I feel no compulsion to operate according to the First Amendment's guarantee of free speech. That being said, I will allow for comments that are interesting, civil, provocative, cantankerous or even offensive (well, to others...as noted earlier, I'm not an easy person to offend.) What I will not allow are the following:

  1. Swearing that is not necessary for the comment's purpose

  2. Racially, religiously, or sexually offensive material

  3. Spam

  4. Ad-hominem, or insulting, attacks on other people

If I see any such comments made (and I reserve the right to add other items to the list) I will delete them and, if I'm in the right mood, ban the author from making comments to this blog. If I start seeing too many comments that need to be removed, I'll enable comment moderation.

It's sad that some folks have decided that free speech doesn't mean debate, it means insulting/slandering/debasing others. We should all accept that free speech means disagreement. It doesn't mean boorish behavior.

If you ever see something on this blog that strikes you as offensive, please let me know. I strive above all else to keep the discussion respectful.

Thanks, and God bless!

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