Wednesday, April 26, 2006

How to Find the Northern 'Burbs - 4/26

Well, apparently people are still using search engines to find their way to this blog. Here are the latest that leave me scratching my head. I'm not sure how these maps lead to the Northern 'burbs...

  • free instructions for making bible flannelgraphs Yessir, I'm a secret Betty Lukens pirate.

  • +"global warming" +"does it really exist" Actually, I'll refer this to Alice who has a post on the topic. I tend towards the "maybe, but not likely due to man-made causes" camp.

  • the bible paul save hell "trade places" Proof positive search engines don't require coherent sentences.

  • celibacy quiz Of all the quizzes I've done, this isn't one of 'em.

  • biblical roll of the husband I have too large a roll, but I'm trying to lose it. Or did you mean role?

  • big bubs Again, I'm trying to skinny up here. Give me some time!

  • teaching in northern canada Actually, the Sunday School/Awana clubs I teach are a bit south of there...

  • who started euthanasia The same guy who let the dogs out?

  • what does nbb mean It means I'm too lazy to always type out "Northern 'burbs blog."

And blatantly ripping off the idea from Ed, you can also find the NBB via this week's Christian Carnival at Brain Cramps for God. Plus lots more good stuff there.

God bless!

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