Thursday, April 20, 2006

How to Find the Northern 'Burbs - 4/20

You'd think finding the northern suburbs of a major metropolitan area would be easy. And for most people you'd be right. Finding a blog written by someone living in said suburbs, though, is somewhat easier. After all, instead of typing the URL of this blog into the address bar of your favorite browser, you can type these phrases into a search engine and get here:

  • barber bug fever: I'm not sure what a barber bug is, but during my recent illness I probably hallucinated a few...

  • wives in bikinis: I'm hoping someone wasn't looking for pictures...or guessing I had more than one wife!

  • blindness sucks: I imagine it would.

  • case of involuntary euthanasia: Involuntary euthanasia? Isn't that also called, um...homicide?

  • marriage sex blog: Am I the Dr. Ruth of the northern 'burbs?

  • position of sex: Okay, now I'm getting weirded out, to borrow a passe colloquialism. Apparently the 'burbs are adding a red light district I didn't know about.

  • teaching in northern canada blog: Northern Twin Cities, Northern Canada...po-tay-to, po-tah-to. We both like our hockey and fishing. And it can get cold out, at least according to people too wimpy to enjoy the wonder of below zero temps.

I've also received a few searches regarding Jay Leno's Jaywalking segment, which a few days ago covered Biblical topics. Like the original (which I blogged about here) it showed that there are at least a few Americans who need a Bible refresher course.

Not to steal an idea from Ed, but you can also find the NBB via this week's Christian Carnival, which can coincidentally be found at Ed's blog. Much more there and enjoy!

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