Monday, April 24, 2006

Bloggin' Political

Well, a few of you have asked for it. So the rest of you are stuck with it, I guess.

I've had an interest in politics since high school. I've found competing theories and political wrangling to be fascinating. At times I've even thought it would be fun to run for office, and then I remember I have a family who I wouldn't want to put through that and the idea passes on.

But of late politics has seemed to get less interesting. Perhaps it's becaue there really aren't any surprises out there. We once had great politicians. Now we have archetypes. At least this is how I see things, and I'll admit I'm only going on 20-some years of experience. Perhaps it's always been this way, and it was only my relative inexperience that led me to believe things are less interesting today than even 10 years ago.

I am a politicial independent. I have voted for Republicans, Democrats and Independence Party candidates (and even one Green party candidate a while back), although I will admit I've voted for Republicans and Democrats much more often than I have for members of other parties. I've also voted Republican more often than Democratic, although certainly not overwhelmingly so. My philosophy is to look for the preferred candidate for a position, not for a political party.

This has led to some interesting conversations with some of my conservative brethren/sisterthren (is that a word?) who feel obligated to vote straight Republican tickets. These are always cordial, of course, but sometimes I just get this feeling I'm considered an odd duck.

But there's much more to this than what I'd like to post here today, so I'm doing another series, this one on politics. I'll cover personal political views, but also hopefully touch on what I see as the Biblical approach to dealing with politics. It will be less structured than some of my other series (ha - like those are structured!) as I'm pretty much working agenda-less for this one. I hope it's interesting, but if not, well...I guess I'll hear about that too.

As always, I thank you for comments and emails. However, since politics (more than most other topics sans sports and religion) can get people riled up, I'd ask that you please remember your civility. And please call me on it if I fail to respond in kind.

God bless!



Not Crunchy said...

oooo, I can't wait! :-)

Douglas said...

Just thinking "Speaker Pelosi" got me thinking that maybe I need to be a little more proactive...