Friday, March 03, 2006

NBB Updated!

Okay, I got tired of pink. I mean really, I hate pink, but it was the default color for this template, which I liked better than the others. Only took me about fourteen months to actually go in and change the color scheme. I may change again, but for now I think it's an improvement. Let me know if you agree that the format is more readable.

If anyone knows of a good banner maker, or is creative and can make one, let me know. I'm not sure when I'll get around to updating that.

I'm also curious about something else. When I look at my blog, the right sidebar content often doesn't appear until/unless I scroll-over. Does anyone else have this issue on my blog? Just want to know how much effort to put into fixing it.


NBB Eldest has some sort of bug...fever, stomach and throat sore, loss of appetite. Seems to be getting better, but that explains my absence yesterday. I'm not 100% myself -- gotta love the seasonal transitions for one's health -- so prayer is appreciated if you think of it.

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