Tuesday, March 28, 2006

How to Find the Northern 'Burbs - 3/28

I am finding that people stumble into this hear neck o'the sphere from searches that I find...surprising. Or enlightening. Some of the latest:

  • "color of bread twisters" - I was trying to keep the great sport of bread twisting alive and well, but we don't really care about the color of the twisting equipment.

  • "non biblical references" - Is this someone's way of telling me to incorporate more scripture into my blog?

  • "my husband does not love me" - I reallllly hope this wasn't a search my wife did.

  • "figure skater teach hockey twin cities" - Sounds rather Cutting Edge to me. Could explain this though.

  • "blog trying to get pregnant with 2nd child" - I already have a 2nd child, and as far as I know this blog is hoping to remain free of offspring as I don't have enough to spend on this blog, let alone another!

  • "Behaviors law does not tolerate" - This blog needs a lawyer.

  • A series of related ones: "purposes of marriage," "men agape your wives," and "truth about marriage and sex" - A good marriage has a purpose, includes agape love and truth - especially about sex. By writing that, I've guaranteed another dozen searches will end here and garner no new information. My apologies.

  • Another series, which I see a lot of (considering I posted on this, like, once maybe): "what will happen to slippery slope if euthanasia is legalized," "euthanasia arguments," "should euthanasia be legalized blogs." - This blog is against euthanasia's legalization. And with that sentence, I've guaranteed another dozen hits this week from people looking for information on euthanasia. I apologize that none is forthcoming from this post.

God bless!

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