Friday, March 31, 2006

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You...

Okay, yes, I haven't been posting much lately. No excuses, but for those of you still checking in frequently, I thought I'd preview what's coming up. Just so's you know I haven't left this little experiment in writing.

(BTW, Praise you in the Storm is on the radio now. Have Casting Crowns ever put out a bad song? Methinks no...)

I haven't done a series for a while, and since I'm afraid Ed will revoke his title of master of the series genre" if I don't get to another one, look for a series starting next week. This one will be on the Dalits of India.

Following that, I will (finally? unfortunately?) get to an oft-hinted-at series on politics, just to get it out of my system. I do have a very strong interest in politics, and love good (civil!) political discourse; I just don't feel that should be the primary purpose of this blog. Especially since I think that section of the 'sphere is already well filled.

I'm also planning a series on mercy and grace, something Catez thought would be interesting. I tend to agree, so that's a coming attraction. (Speaking of Catez, continue to pray, please for this dear sister.)

Finally, I have some more ideas about tweaking this site a bit, especially in regards to making the left sidebar useful. Suggestions are welcome.

Gotta go prepare for my fantasy baseball draft tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

God bless!

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