Friday, February 17, 2006

Trippin' 'Round the 'Sphere - 2/17/06 Edition

More good stuff from the ol' blogosphere this week. Or is it last week? I'm sooo far behind in my apologies. I've been enjoying this refreshing winter (-29 windchill! Whoo-hoo!) and the Olympics. Plus work. Oh, and family. And church. Hmmm...I'd better stop before you think you're way down on my priority list.

Christian Carnival is up at Pursuing Holiness. The theme this week was love, befitting the Hallmark Holiday of this past Tuesday.

And I think it's a good thing my entry defined easy categorization in the theme:)

Favorite posts in the carnival include:


Would that Northern 'Burbs Blog would be so effective.

Twenty-nine degrees below zero windchill (um, for the Fahrenheit challenged, that'd be -33.89 degrees Celcius) and there's talk of baseball? Fellow MOB-ster Always Right, Usually Correct has the right idea.

And last, I hope you all have a better weekend than the U.S. women's hockey team. I apologize for any part I played in jinxing the squad.

God bless!

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JCHFleetguy said...

Thanks for the link

"Brain Cramps for God" was easy - it's my constant state :-)