Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Trippin' 'Round the 'Sphere - 2/1/06 Edition

I am intrigued by politics. Wanna know why? Only 5,680 people (give or take) stand between myself and the presidency:

Get your position here

Really, the only thing this proves is that I am not much better drawing using a mouse than with a pencil. And I wasn't sure how to answer the facing left/right thing when my pig faced left but looked right...(HT: Walking Circumspectly.)

Something more serious from Kristen is this post on Margaret Sanger. Ms. Sanger was, IMO, scary. Unfortunately, her views live on in some quarters.

In honor of my post of yesterday, I thought I should see what kind of a writer I actually am:
You're a Narrative writer!

What kind of writer are you?
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Oddly enough, this confirms what I wrote yesterday. Maybe these quizzes are onto something (except the pig one.) (HT: Rebecca Writes - showing I'm again in good company, as she's a narrative writer too.)

The Internet makes it increasingly difficult to get away with ignorance or deceit, eh?

Ed thinks I'm a figure skater, or at least that's where he filed my entry in this week's Christian Carnival. Actually, my wife is the figure skater in the family; I stick to hockey and falling down. (My skating ability is sub-par for a lifelong 'Sotan, but would make me a star in Cali.) Anyhoo...great job on this week's carnival, with an Olympic theme.

God bless!

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