Saturday, February 11, 2006

So, what's new with me?

Guess it's been a week or so - but a good week since I finished my MBA!

Now I just need the diploma, and to decide if I'm going to the graduation ceremony in April. That's the downside of a mid-winter completion of coursework - you've moved on by the time the graduation ceremony comes along.

But anyway, more breathing room all around, and spending the extra time not worrying about homework has been a nice change of pace. Oddly, work has picked up a bit in terms of busy-ness, so I haven't been bored the first week out. The Northern 'Burbs Babe and I also rearranged our home office, and I have a few other home chores to catch up on now that my evenings are a bit freer.

Plus...I get to job hunt, although not necessarily outside my current company. I'm just ready for a change in jobs. We'll see where this goes.

My wife also linked to this blog from her personal Web page (and apparently did the pig drawing too, although I haven't seen it.) Guess I have to watch myself now, since it's actually possible friends and family will discover I have this hobby. If you notice any changes in tone, blame it on that.

And yes, this post was entirely boring for most people, and I only posted because I (a) wanted to thank those who've prayed for me in my MBA pursuits, and (b) let you know I hope to be back a bit more this week.

So, thanks!

And God bless!

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