Tuesday, February 28, 2006

How to find the Northern 'burbs

You know, I often see posts on other blogs that talk about the odd searches that bring readers to the blog in question.

I'm not sure how I should feel about it that I rarely get, um...discovered via odd searches. On the one hand, it probably means I don't write things that would attract people with...exuberant creativity. On the other hand, I don't get to fill posts with witty rejoinders in response to searches I don't quite grasp.

Resigned to that, I searched my referrals, hoping for a nugget.

Aside from a couple of searches along the lines of "what about those who haven't heard of God?" (a bunch of those), and one or two about euthenasia (I wrote that post looooong ago) I found the following:

"to dream about my daughters being pregnant"

Oooookay. Not sure what to say about that. To me this would be a nightmare, and one I haven't discussed on my blog. What concerns me more is that NBB doesn't show up until page 5 of the search results. Is this a common dream?????

Then there was this one:

"Are mean spirited acts immoral"

I don't recall talking about this, but on the off chance this person returns, I would answer in a mocking manner, which is mean spirited, ergo immoral. So I will resist.

"Northern Political Minnesota blog"

I touch on politics from time to time, so this makes sense. What doesn't is that the results put me at #3, behind Power Line and Hugh Hewitt - who, btw, is an Ohioan living in Cali.

"jay leno biblical knowledge"

Yep, in the pantheon of theologians, Mr. Leno is a biggie.

But still, this list doesn't quite scare me the way some of Ed's do.

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