Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bloggin' the Olympics - 'Sota Style

So I'm watching the U.S. women's hockey team beat Switzerland's team this afternoon. I think the Swiss should be grateful there is no checking allowed in the women's game as the U.S. team's better conditioning, speed and strength would have led to an even more dominant game than the 6-0 game with which we ended up. Didn't hurt that a couple of Gophers (Of course! They don't call this the state of hockey for no reason) played well. The Swiss goalie, Patricia Elsmore-Sautter, had to play very well just to keep it close. I felt bad for her, since her team didn't give her much of a chance (a breakaway on a five-on-three disadvantage for the U.S.??? Yikes!) Now we wait a couple more rounds until we go for the gold against the impressive Canadian squad.

Minnesota has a sizeable number of athletes on the Olympic squad. Which makes sense, considering our proficiency in hockey. There is also a very good percentage of 'Sotans on the curling team - mostly from Bemidji. We also, though, have a couple of skiers on the team, which makes less sense than our highest hills would die of shame in Colorado. But then, we are a folk used to dealing well with what we're provided. And we have a pretty good luger in Tony Benshoof. Benshoof had a good day today in his first two runs. Keep an eye out tomorrow, and hope he can pull in that medal and make U.S. bobsled history.

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