Monday, February 13, 2006

Bloggin' the Olympics - 'Sota Style Part II

Well, after another dominating win, the U.S. women hockey players finally had to come from behind to remain undefeated. Hopefully the experience is beneficial leading through the semi's into the probable final with Canada. Who we now know are mortal and can be scored upon, even though still dominant. I hope I don't jinx either of the North American teams since I reaaaallllly want to see a U.S./Canada final. We took our girls skating the other night, and they loved it. It makes the women's hockey games more interesting when I think that someday one/both of my daughters may be lacing up skates for the ol' red, white and blue.

Tony Benshoof didn't make history, but fourth isn't so bad. Better than I could do, especially since I think I'd lose control of the luge around turn 2 and end up in a relatively painful crash. Isn't it interesting, though, that the difference between the podium and the spectator's gallery was a mere .16 seconds? About the time it takes to blink, give or take a hundredth or two, separates those who get the glory from those who don't. Of course, the difference between an Olympian and your humble blogging host is too large to contemplate. Even dead last in the Olympics is better than I could do. So, Tony, great job - and I hope you break through in 2010.

The men's curling team improved to 2-1 and looked good against the Kiwis (sorry Catez), and the women's team is falling on rather difficult times through the tough first part of the schedule. Curling just fascinates me, though, since it looks deceptively easy. I'm sure I couldn't possibly go out there and earn an Olympic team spot my first time out - but it's the one sport that appears like something anyone can learn to do.

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