Monday, January 09, 2006

Random Thoughts for a Monday

Okay, my wife is heading to India for two weeks, leaving this Friday. So, for the past few months we've been handling questions about how I am possibly going to survive without her around. As if I can't cook, care for the girls, run errands, etc. I think it's an interesting matter - our friends seem to assume that just because the wife only works part time that I do nothing around the house at all. Perhaps I need to start my own Martha Stewart-esque show so people aren't so worried about my abilities to maintain order for two weeks sans my spouse.

Not that it'll be easy, but c'mon folks, it's not going to be fourteen days of Mac-n-cheese.

Did anyone watch the Book of Daniel the other night? I'm curious about what people thought. I forgot it was on.

I'm not going to defend Pat Robertson's latest remarks - mostly because I've never elected him (or anyone else, honestly) as my official spokesman. And because I think they're indefensible. However, in all the piling on that's sure to occur, let's not forget that (a) Christians are called to hold each other accountable, but should do so in a gentle manner, and (b) this is an opportunity to explain to people outside the faith what the Bible actually does teach. Sure, what he said was wrong, and this doesn't mean we can't be direct in our critique. I think telling him to keep his mouth shut on matters relating to God's motivation/judgement and the question of evil is prudent. But let's avoid the name calling and ad hominem attacks so beloved of the world, and make a difference by correcting Biblically.

Gee, ya think?

I don't blog about where I work, but if you want a hint, it's not on this list.

God bless!

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