Monday, January 23, 2006

The Primary Right

It's been 33 years and the fight goes on. I am, of course, stridently pro-life, and find the Roe v. Wade decision to be one of the worst acts of injustice enacted by our government. And not only because it was enacted by judges; were abortion legalized through legislative channels, I'd deplore it as much.

However, my complaints in the realm of abortion are not solely targeted at those who call themselves pro-choice. Pro-lifers, too often, act as if they were really "pro-birth" instead, and don't put their proverbial money where their mouths are when it comes to supporting pregnant women, or women after they give birth.

Nor do we do ourselves any favors when we engage in the same rhetorical tactics used by those who desire to keep abortion legal. When we call someone "anti-life" we are just as bad as those who call us "anti-choice." Truth is, there are many choices I'm for; there are also many lives abortion-rights supporters are for. And while I believe we have the right to protest the Roe decision, I join most other pro-lifers in unequivocally condemning acts of violence in the movements' name. You can't call yourself pro-life and then try to kill an abortionist.

That being said, abortion is a terrible evil for which this country will pay. I don't say this in the Robertson-Nagin sense of tying specific evil to specific disaster. But God will judge us as a nation. This country was declared independent in order to protect the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The government, the Declaration of Independence says, is instituted to secure these rights. And yet our government makes legal the very deprivation of the right to life. We've elevated the right to choice above the right to life; never mind that without the right to life, the right to choice means nothing. Dead people cannot choose, cannot speak freely, cannot criticize the government, and cannot exercise freely their religion. We've subordinated the right to life, which instead should be the primary and most important of all protected rights.

We need to end this evil, or at least fight to do so. And I say this as a conservative, realizing that abortion remaining legal is likely to benefit conservatives politically for years to come. The most important thing, though, isn't that conservatives gain politically, but that all people in this country, born and unborn, are allowed to live so that they can contribute to our great society.

I don't think abortion will be illegal anytime soon. As long as sin exists, abortion will be viable for someone. I think this also means we need to reprioritize the fight against legalized abortion on an individual level. The battle will only be won through prayer, through loving single mothers-to-be and caring for their needs (and the needs of their babies), and through convincing people, one on one, that abortion is a moral disaster. I'm not giving up on the political aspects, but those are not the most vital avenues to reversing Roe. No, the most vital channels to restoring sanity to our abortion laws are through the hearts of individuals, especially of women who need our help and love more than they need our preaching.

God bless, and may God grant wisdom to all in matters of life, a most precious gift.

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