Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Con Air Question

Okay, I need feedback from anyone who's seen the movie Con Air. Yeah, it's an older movie, but the question remains unresolved. My wife and I do not see eye to eye on this - not that it's a problem, or causing strife; I actually think the difference is a good thing as it proves out our differing way of seeing the world. But...does anyone else ever cry during this movie?

Let me explain. My wife's review for most good movies is, "it was a good movie. I cried." This is not a bad thing, and is quite understandable. I know many people who cry at movies.

However, she is the only one I know who cries during Con Air. This is a movie with explosions, psycho criminals, explosions, gunfights, and a plane decimating the Las Vegas strip. And did I mention the explosions? In other words, it's an action/adventure drama, not a stereotypical "chick flick." At least that's how I see it.

My wife sees it as a love story between a man and his daughter who he's never seen (due to his incarceration.) She cries when Nick Cage's character saves the stuffed bunny he bought for his daughter, and when the daughter hugs her dad for the first time.

Okay, I kinda see that is touching. But unlike some other movies that make her tear up (such as Braveheart), this one doesn't touch me emotionally. I just think it's a mindless action movie with a semi-touching ending. This isn't a right/wrong answer, but I'm curious - does anyone else cry during Con Air? Am I just cold-hearted?

And is this (gasp! horrors! I can't believe he's going here!) a gender thing? (My wife claims, though I haven't heard this from anyone myself) that all her women friends agree with her. All our male friends look confused when the concept of "crying" and "Con Air" are brought up in the same sentence. Small sample, or valid gender difference?

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