Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Trippin' 'Round the 'Sphere - 12/13 Edition

As usual, our trip includes a pointer to this week's Christian Carnival. This is the 100th edition, and the host is none other than Christian Carnival originator, Nick Queen. Other carnivals of note include God or Not (with the theme "morality", and hosted at The Goddess) and the Carnival of Christmas hosted by Adam's Blog. Check on deadlines and entry requirements as interested.

In Narnia news, I'm sad to say our babysitter fell ill the day we were planning to see the film (and yes, I'm sad she is sick, not sad that I didn't get to see the film on Monday - she's a great kid and I hate to see anyone sick at this time of year.) That means I won't be able to get my review in for Hugh Hewitt's contest this week. There are enough entries at Radio Blogger already that it's probably fine I not add my voice to the chatter.

There are more reviews at blogs4God too.

And, just 'cuz you wondered - I'm (w/a HT to Catez:

(It's the beard...gotta be the beard.)

Speaking of Allthings2all, Catez has instituted a new award called the "Aroha" award, and congratulations are in order for inaugural award winner Daring Young Mom (who by the way has the best photo I've seen on a blog - love the halo!).

(All this NZ stuff is appropriate - I'm watching The Two Towers while blogging).

Speaking of congratulations (sez king o'the segues), congrats to The SHEEP'S CRIB for the recent blogaversary! Many more are hereby wished for the fantastic blog on my daily routine.

And speaking of anniversaries (continuing the segue theme unto which he's so eloquently attached himself), 12/17/2006 will be the anniversary of my first appearance at an official MOB event. And yes, I stretched veeeerrrrry far for that segue. Remember, if you're in the Cities, Keegan's is the place to be on Saturday, say, 5-ish.

And, (insert the phrase "speaking of" here - and no, I'm not going to retroactively insert segues into item #2 above) Minnesota bloggers, Powerline takes on the ridiculous once again. Good for a laugh to end the post.

And speaking of ending the post,

God bless!

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Catez said...

Do you think you may have been typecast as Tumnus? LOl.

Ron thankyou for the links - I linked you up to the post (the Narnai one where you left a comment)