Wednesday, December 07, 2005

NBB Theology: Review

Before continuing to the "Us" portion of this series, I thought I'd catch up those of you joining this series mid-way.

The impetus for this series was a discussion over at Evangelical Update regarding salvation. I thought the topic was a bit too complex to handle in the comments section of that post (at least my views on the subject) so brought the question here for discussion. The first post was an introduction to the series.

So far, I've broken the series out into sections in order to keep my own thoughts somewhat straight on the matter. I started with scripture, since as Christians that is where our theology does start. I am assuming, of course, that scripture is authoritative. Questions about that basis can be addressed later if people are interested. But for this series I made some basic assumption. With that assumption in place, I looked at scripture - specfically the concepts of inerrancy and inspiration.

Having set forth what I see as my view of scripture (in a very summarized fashion), I started looking at how scripture describes God. We've seen here that God is a living spirit with the characteristics of personhood. I also started looking at the attributes of this living God, such as the omnis: Omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient (and immutable, which isn't technically an "omni").

Getting closer towards the issue of salvation, the series then started examining God's moral attributes. These are things like goodness, benevolence, graciousness and mercy. He is truth too. On top of this, God is also (in a seeming paradox for some people) both perfectly loving and perfectly just. None of these attributes is more or less important than the other, and none is in conflict with another. God is all of these things at once, and defines these attributes for all of us as well.

Having an admittedly limited view of God (His revelation is certainly sufficient, but an infinite God cannot be completely comprehended by finite creatures), I want to next turn to the next actor in the salvation drama: humanity. The way I see this series completing looks something like this:

-Wages of sin
--God's justice
-Wrap up

If you see something missing in the equation (and remember, this is a layman's view of theology - I'm not intending to delve deep into the technical vernacular) let me know and I'll add it. Hopefully I can compress some of this, as I have other things I wish to post on, but this is for a Christian the most important thing: ensuring people hear what scripture says about the savior and our need for Him. So if I don't get to politics, Christmas or any of the other topics floating around in my head, please be patient. I'll get there when I think I've covered salvation enough.

(Of course, I may just start posting more times each day to get everything in too...)

God bless!

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