Tuesday, December 06, 2005

NBB Theology: God - Part VI

So far in this series, I've discussed some of the various things we know about God from scripture: He is omnipotent, omniscient, immutable, benevolent, gracious, merciful, loving (and love itself) and truthful (and truth itself). Before I move on to what the Bible tells us about us (followed by what it tells us about God's works in response to us) I want to cover one final attribute of God: His justice.

This is a oft-misunderstood attribute. Many people think justice is the opposite of love, and therefore God is either loving or just. Or, that the two are on opposite ends of a continuum, and that God is to the loving end of the spectrum, say 75% loving and 25% just. Neither belief is true. Just as Jesus is wholly God and wholly man, God is wholly loving and wholly just.

How do we know this? Scripture tells us this. Just as we saw before, that God is love itself, so too we see that God is justice itself. Justice underlies His very reign; it is the foundation of His rule. He judges the world, and does so with full sovereign rights and perfect justice. Because of this perfect justice, we cannot even stand before Him - His perfection cannot abide sin.

This justice is described throughout the Bible, in the OT and the NT. God is called just by Jesus Himself. God isn't a God of love in the NT and a God of justice in the OT. He is a God of love in both testaments, and a God of justice in both. We can't escape it - our God is righteous and just. His justice demands He punish wickedness and rewarding faithfulness. Perfection is His standard, and He defines what perfection is. This causes problems for us, since not one of us is perfect too. Which is a good segue to the next section of this series: Us.

Until then,
God bless!

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