Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Votes are In!

So...I have two people who read my blog frequently enough, and who otherwise care enough, to vote on what my next series should be. Thanks to both! Politics lost out, but I'm sure I'll get back to it someday. And if there's something you want to know, please feel free to enter a comment or send me an email at any time. Ideally this blog is more like a discussion than a lecture.

So, I'll be starting a series on Theology According to NBB. While far from comprehensive (I doubt I'll talk much about everything covered in my theology courses), it will at least give you a view on how I see God, how I understand salvation, and how I see scripture. The impetus is the discussion at Evangelical Update centered on salvation. I just think there's too much to cover to keep in the comments section over there.

I hope the series is edifying, and more importantly, truthful. Where I'm in error I do request the loving correction spoken of in 2 Timothy. Truth is very important to me, and I fully admit that I don't have a corner on it. We all have blindspots, and I can only grow when mine are revealed. Just please be civil about it - thanks.

So...tomorrow: Starting at the beginning, or "NBB Theology: Scripture Part I." Things will build from there to God and salvation. In short, a series on the Gospel and the keys to Christianity, from my perspective.

God bless!

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