Tuesday, November 29, 2005

NBB Theology: God - Part V

Rumor has it I was working on a theology series. I left off talking about God's love. Today I'd like to touch on one additional attribute of God before I get to the last one, which'll be justice/holiness. This post is on truth.

As I first noted way back here, one of God's attributes is truth. God is, in addition to love, mercy, grace and benevolence, truth. God not only is truth, He is the source of all truth and the one true God. That's a lot of truth.

This is also one of my favorite attributes of God. I think truth is the most important thing we should seek. If a worldview is false, there is no benefit to living one's life by it. If it is true, though, there is great risk in living one's life another way. If, for instance, Islam is true, then I want to know. If there is no God, I want to know. If Jesus is the Christ and the only way to God, I want to know. This is especially true when dealing with the afterlife. Sometimes believing a lie is easier, and in many cases more appealing: the truth can be difficult. But the truth is always better.

But I digress. Assuming, as I have for the purposes of this series, that the Bible is true (and it should be obvious I have found it to be so considering my faith), then God is true. This is another one of the things we learn about Him in scripture. He is the one true God. He reveals Himself truthfully too. Both the OT and NT speak to this.

Whatever He promises, He delivers; He never lies. His promises never fail. (The caveat is that absolute promises are always kept. There are some conditional promises where, such as in the case of Jonah and Ninevah, God's threat was withdrawn when the city repented.)

God is true, and what He tells us is trustworthy, even when we're not. What is revealed in scripture, then, having come from God, is also trustworthy. What scripture tells us about God covers at least one more attribute, His justice. To that we'll turn next.

God bless!

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