Monday, October 31, 2005

Upcoming Events at NBB

Serves me right...I stored my favorites with all the Halloween references on the computer I can't get to at the moment, so my Halloween post can't be written sans lots more work than I can fit into the time I have before nighty-night time. I also haven't yet thought through all my thoughts on this discussion, which I'm thinking I'll end up posting here - as another series. I don't think I've ever laid out my view of what Christianity is (and is not) so this may be an appropriate time for that topic.

I'm also considering doing a series on "why I'm not a Democrat/why I'm not a Republican" but I'm not sure how interested folks 'round here are in politics. I know some are, some aren't.'s the deal. I will start up with whatever topic is "voted" at the top via email or the comments section. Your choices, dear readers, are:

-Halloween (one post)
-Salvation/What is(n't) Christianity (series)
-Politics of mine (series)
-Reader's choice (any ? you want me to answer?)

Votes will be taken through the time I make my post on Wednesday. And while voting matters, I may take it upon myself to interject with the Halloween post early just for timeliness. Nobody said this blog is a democracy.

Stop by tomorrow for another Trippin' 'Round the 'Sphere, and perhaps something else. I hear tell there's a new SCOTUS nominee. And good news from Haiti.

God bless!

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