Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Quick Trip - 'Round the 'Sphere (Rev-Ed edition)

Since I wrapped up my series on evil and haven't yet been inspired to start another series, thought I'd take a mini-break of one day and point you to ...

The Christian Carnival!

This week it is hosted by Ed, of Attention Span. Ed organized the carnival along a Gilligan's Island theme. If I hadn't read his comments, though, I'd be concerned that he put my entry into the Gilligan section (I've always wanted to be the Professor myself - though of all the nifty things he could do with a coconut surely couldn't compare to what Maryann could do ala coconut cream pie.)

Lots of work went into this, and I'd encourage you to go read it. And, while I'm verrrry far behind on my blog surfing of late, I have noticed a few other good posts at Attention Span I'd like to point out:

Here you can learn more about Ed through the longest post I've seen him write. If he's this verbose with this meme, I have no shot to get through it in less than a novella-length post.

Ed also updated the site. Let him know if you like green.

To drink, or not to drink - that is Ed's question. I come down on the as-long-as-you're-not-getting-drunk-or-gluttonous-drinking-is-okay side. Hard not so, since I make wine, but I do believe that drinking can certainly be taken too far more easily than some other vices. And if my having an after-dinner drink causes another Christian to stumble, away goes the wine.

And, on something difficult to discuss in our society, sacrifices.

All of these posts are well worth a few minutes time of reading and reflection.

God bless!

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