Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Evil - Links Abound

I'm not the only one discussing evil of late. Seems something like hurricane Katrina (or just the evil present daily) keeps this topic front and center. In case you didn't find my thoughts completely fulfilling, here is some more commentary from around the 'sphere on the topic. Enjoy!

Jeremy (aka Parableman) posts on Natural Disasters and Divine Judgment.

Dr. Mohler posted a two part series (first here, second here) on "God in the Storm." He also posted on The Goodness of God and the Reality of Evil.

OneTrueGodBlog posts the question Job and the Gulf Coast
, and a few good thoughts are offered by some astute minds.

Stand to Reason talks about the presumption of those who claim Katrina is God's judgment.

The Thinklings offers up this post on evil, sin and the fact that the Devil is not God's equal.

Jeri, at Challies talks about the reality of the devil.

Leadership U links to a number of post-tsunami commentaries.

This is but a small taste of what's out there. If you find other posts of interest, please do let me know!

With this I'll wrap my series on evil. I don't know how many questions I answered (or how many more I created) but I hope it was valuable for at least provoking some thought. Evil exists, and it's tragic - but God does love us and shows mercy and compassion even in the dark times. Hold to that comfort when all else appears doomed.

God bless!

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