Monday, October 17, 2005

An Even Dozen

Twelve years ago yesterday I made one of the top five decisions of my life. The first four, of course, being to follow Christ:)

On October 16, 1993 I married my best friend. It's a trite cliche, too often, that we marry our best friends. I've seen too many marriages fail (though nowhere near the 50% number so often cited) to believe that it is a frequent enough occurrence. But in my case it is absolutely true. She is the proverbial ying to my yang, and such a perfect fit that the minister who married us ( Dad!) said nobody ever matched as well in his years of doing pre-marriage counseling assessments.

Mrs. Northern 'burbs is everything I could ask for, and much more. I married way over my head, and to complete the cliche-o-rama, I find the blessing of her to be evidence that God is generous and gracious. I certainly don't deserve a lifelong companion like her.

In lieu of a laundry list of the obvious (e.g. her beauty makes a sunset over a mountain lake surrounded by wildflowers look grotesque) I'll just say that I daily thank God for my wife, and I wish for nothing more on this earth than another (few) dozen years worshipping and working alongside her - and I look forward to an eternity of anniversaries spent glorifying God with my most precious gift this side of Christ Himself.

God bless you sweetheart!

(And the rest of you too!)

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