Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Calling Dr. Evil

-Not like we needed a reminder, but bad things do happen in this world. Often to "good people." But, we're told, there is a loving God who manages the universe. How can bad things happen if God's good?

-People are inherently good, so we don't need God. Except, of course, those who think a different means would be a better way to reach a certain end, or those who back a particular political position with which we differ.

-Our president claims to be a Christian, but is really evil because he lies and invades. Or so the argument goes.

-There is no such thing as evil. Rather, nature is all there is, and what happens happens, and good/evil are meaningless constructs that help us make some sense in a purely naturalistic world.

Each of the paragraphs above deals with a current conception of evil. Each of them also deals with evil incorrectly to a certain extent. It is easy to throw the label of "evil" on someone, something, or some phenomenon and shorthand your way to debate victory. Who can possibly be on the side of something deemed evil?

Well, I'm going to do what so many have tried to do before, mostly as an exercise to help me think through the issues and clarify my beliefs in this area. I'm going to start another series (whoever just screamed in agony, it's not that bad) on the topic of evil. With the recent events of Hurricane Katrina behind us, and the anniversary of 9/11 before us, the timing seems appropriate. Along the way I'll be touching on what evil is, how we encounter it, why it exists and what to do about it. Sounds very easy when I put it that way, but I'm sure I'll confuse things here and there. If you have any questions/ideas on evil as a topic, please let me know through comments and I'll see where it makes sense to add them to the series.

Hope it's edifying - and most of all, hope it turns out to be true! Pray for me and this series:)

God bless!

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