Friday, August 05, 2005

Trippin' 'Round the 'Sphere - 8/5 Edition

Been a while since I took a trip, so buckle up and let's see what's interesting of late.

Christian Carnival is up at Dunmoose the Ageless. I count something akin to 45-50 entries. Early favorites include:


In a post timely for my series on marriage (the topic tonight? sex. Coming back? Thought you might), Dr. Mohler posts on the sad state of wedding commitments starting with lousy vows. Promises are serious and we're starting to water ours down even further in regards to marriage. Ugh.

My favorite Brit, Adrian Warnock offers up a new challenge involving Galatians. This'll be something I tackle in the near future, God willing. I'm a PK (Pastor's Kid/Preacher's Kid) so this should be something I can handle, but when "should" meets "reality" I often find things like this difficult. Let me know if you take up the challenge.

Ooooooh...Cross Blogging has a rather fun symposium this week. Combining the intrigue and mystery of Revelation with modern technology - would you have a computer chip implanted inside you? Very Left-Behindish.

Enjoy these posts...and have a great weekend!

God bless!

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