Thursday, August 25, 2005

Trippin' 'Round the 'Sphere - 8/25 Edition

Congratulations to Dave and Tricia, winners of the August (and august) giveaway. To those who tied for 3rd in this particular contest of random draw, look for future contest announcements next month.

Good question. I remember well the days of my own childhood, playing outside long past dark on a nigh-daily basis. Our girls, naturalist mother and all that, spend a great deal of time outdoors. Better to have them enjoying nature than turning into inanimate absorbers of television.

Good news of the small 'g' type (except that I started a sentence with "good" so I had to capitalize it...) Anyhoo, anyone looking for a soon-to-graduate MBA who should also own a PMP certification, please let me know. Unless you live in someplace where there's no snow in the winter. That just ain't right.

Christian Carnival is up at Wallo World. Again, lots of entries. There are a couple that stick out so far (and I haven't read 'em all, so if I don't list yours I'm sure it's because I haven't read it yet):

  • JivinJehoshaphat touches on a few pet peeves of mine all in one blog post: Bill Maher's uninformed stereotypes & generalizations of faithful folks, double standards in elevating one's agnosticism above faith, and incoherence of thought in regards to what faith really is. Nice efficiency!

  • (Hmmm...wonder if I've put this item far enough away from the one on kids being outdoors that nobody will notice it's about television.) Thoughts on the Christian Life talks about one of my favorite television shows, The Amazing Race, and how it's similar to the Christian life. I think it safe to say I'm a recovering television junky, and we're finding less available via the medium than we used to. Like I said above, better to enjoy other things than be a couch potato. But there are a couple of shows we do like, and the Amazing Race is one of them - and not just because my wife and I would love to be on the show.

God bless!

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