Friday, August 19, 2005

Marriage: I Sum Up

Marriage. So much to say about it that a, what, three week series didn't scratch the surface. I didn't even get into some of the more controversial topics, like how marriage roles should be "assigned," or the Biblical reasons for avoiding legalized gay marriage. But then, any social construct in place within every culture going back millenia is sure to be complex with all sorts of rabbit trails to pursue.

So I'm sure I'll post more on marriage over time. There's simply too much material for it not to crop up occassionally. I mean, I've already done a series on husbands fer cryin' out loud, so I guess this is my 2nd marriage-related series in the past few months.

But before I move on to other things (just so I can come back to marriage at some level in the future) I thought I'd summarize where we've been. Marriage is a God-created institution, the oldest relationship type (according to scripture) we have. It is a special and Biblically privileged relationship designed for a few purposes:

It is not something into which we should enter out of concern for legal rights, nor something that should be sought because of what society gives us. Nor is it strictly about love.

Rather, it is to fulfill God's plan for continuing society through procreation, and to demonstrate His love and blessings to us in another wonderful way. It is meant to be permanent in a way our culture cannot seem to grasp. This is to our societal detriment.

This is not to say that those who are not married should feel left out of God's will. Paul even said that some are called to the blessings found in remaining single. But for the continuance of our species on earth, marriage is necessary. Sin introduced death, which means we need to work harder to fulfill God's first command to us. Fortunately, in God's sovereign, omniscient providence, He ordained a plan for that: marriage.

God bless!

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