Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Marriage: A Glance at the World's Oldest Relationship

I have a friend who once asked me to write a Bible study about marriage for her, as she was relatively new to the realm of reading scripture, and wanted to know what God said about this most important human relationship (save, of course, the relationship between a person and God.) Over the past few years, too, it seems as if the debate about what relationships constitute a marriage has dramatically increased in volatility, rancor and gamesmanship. I'm approaching my 12th wedding anniversary, and recently attended my first wedding ceremony where God was not mentioned at all (ironically, this happened at a nominally Christian - albeit univeralist - service, when every JP ceremony I've seen did include prayer.) I am raising two young daughters who dream of the day they'll "marry their prince." (Not coincidentally, I have nightmares about the day they'll bring home "the bum who is sooooo not worthy of my precious child.")

For all these reasons, and more, I've been thinking much lately on the oldest form of human relationship. In this series I hope to "think out loud" about marriage, its purposes and structures, its history and place. And I hope that it will be interactive, as I find the best blog material is often in the comments, not the posts themselves.

Starting tomorrow I'll kick off the meat of the series, by touching on the origin of marriage. Aside from that, I don't have a real agenda or syllabus; I'm making this up as I go, so to speak.

Until then - God bless!

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