Monday, August 29, 2005


In his book "The Dilbert Future" Scott Adams plays amateur futurist. In general, I prefer when he mocks corporate America, but one thing about his futurist/philosophy stuff intrigued me. In chapter 14, Adams writes that "[t]he theory of evolution will be scientifically debunked in your lifetime." Okay then. Interesting thought. His point is that science will change how it looks at things (rather than changing the things at which it looks) and evolution won't really fit the new perceptual paradigm. I'm not going to get into whether his argument is correct in this blog, but I do want to jump off from his thought on evolution being debunked.

I have a few hunches of my own, and I'm in the mood to play amateur futurist. I can't point to anything other than gut feel, but I want to get them down "on paper" to see if any of these come true down the line. Feel free to add your own thoughts in the comments section, or play along on your own blog. Perhaps there are some budding futurists among us...we'll see who's hunches end up right down the line.

Remember, this is about fun, not wagering. I'm not betting for or against any of these predictions! (If this starts a meme, I apologize in advance...I didn't see that coming!)

(Switch on "In the Year 2000" music from Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

  1. I have a hunch that in 20 years, people will wonder what all the global warming worries were about when the problem then will be the global cooling forecasts (which means that once again, something from the '70s will be rearing its ugly head.)

  2. I have a hunch that "evolution" (colloquially defined) theory will be radically altered by new discoveries in the next 10 years. While similar to Adams' prediction, I don't feel that evolution will be debunked. I just think that the theory is about to undergo some serious shifts. This will be good news for science textbook writers, who will have the chance to introduce all sorts of new errors into textbooks.

  3. I have a hunch the NYT will be bought out by a conservative interest, meaning the Strib publishers will need to receive their two-days-late/ill-thought-out opinions from a new source.

  4. I have a hunch my fantasy football team in Nick's league will finish third this year. I have too many Vikings to win it.

  5. I have a hunch Alice's course load will convince me not to go to law school as I'd kind of like to play with my kids on occasion.

  6. Finally, I have a hunch I will be very sentimental next Tuesday when my eldest daughter starts Kindergarten. Time goes by too quickly...before you know it, she'll be graduating, dating (that sound was my heart, stopping), marrying (that sound was my brain exploding)...and we'll know how good a futurist I turned out to be.

God bless!

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