Monday, July 11, 2005

Wanna Bet?

I dunno, maybe this post would be better served as a topic over at Evangelical Update. I've been kinda tossing something back and forth a bit of late, and am curious about your views. And by "your" I mean anyone who feels like commenting or emailing me.

Gambling. Many Christians are against it. Others are for it. We have a governor, for instance, who's an Evangelical Christian from all accounts, yet is dabbling in ways to draw tax revenue from casinos, or opening one owned by the state. Some think it's a major sin, others see it as a harmless pasttime (excepting, of course, those who do become addicted.)

Leaving aside the addiction cases, is gambling in general a sin? Or something else, left as a "debatable matter" which should be left to the believer's conscience?

As an aside, I'm not a casino guy myself, and tend to think state ownership of one (or state running of lotteries) is a bad idea. But other than that, am rather up in the air about it.

Thanks for your thoughts!

God bless!

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