Thursday, July 14, 2005

Trippin' 'Round the 'Sphere - 7/14 Edition

Christian Carnival is up at a ticking time blog. As usual, myriad entries on myriad topics, with this week's organizing theme being baseball. Now that's what I call a good theme!

Early favorites (I'll probably be reading through the weekend to catch 'em all) are"

This post at Viewpoint talking about the folly of saying there's not enough evidence for God. It always amazes me when I hear folks say they'd believe if only God would, you know, write a letter directly to them in the clouds, or appear in person with 3 forms of government issue id. Yet these same folks believe in a lot of other things without requiring the same level of proof.

Pro-Life, Continued is a post at The Common Room that covers an interesting (portion of a) dialogue between a pro-choicer and a pro-lifer.

Louie Marsh talks about how being true to self isn't being true to God. Very valid point.

Scripture poetry - what a grand idea!

And what Christian Carnival would be complete without a post hitting on some stuff C.S. Lewis wrote about? Namely, fellow MOBster Doug, at Apprehension, discusses how we know right and wrong - but don't always do what is right.

Have fun reading...there's much more good stuff where this came from.

God bless!

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