Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Trippin' 'Round the 'Sphere - 7/12 Edition

The Christian Carnival is going to be at a ticking time blog this week. Entry deadline is tonight for those of you who like those last-minute deadlines.

The winners are announced at Adrian Warnock's blog. The winners of a free ESV, that is. Difficult to beat the Word of God as a free gift. (Although the free gift discussed within the Bible is the best of all.) Adrian put in a lot of good work in a series on the ESV, the last post of which is here. Links to earlier posts included in that one.

Cross Blogging's symposium this week offers these tantalizing questions:

  1. Why has our society become less loving, so selfish, so intolerant, so uncommitted to anything outside of individual gain?

  2. Why are we so full of selfish ambition and vain conceit?

  3. Is this “perfect” society a place where any of us would want to live?

To find out the inspiration for the question, and the "society" about which these questions are asked, visit the symposium. Then, think and write your own post (says the guy giving orders on this here blog.)

Dory at Wittenberg Gate gives us this wonderful picture of why God wants us to do good instead of doing it all Himself. I love word pictures like this...only hope that I can identify teachable moments so well.

Matt, at Stones Cry Out talks about an issue that ties into my environment series of not-too-long-ago. And there's a new SCO contributor: Thecla Mauro. Welcome her over there, and read her stuff.

There are some interesting discussions going on at Evangelical Update and Idle Rambling Thoughts. The thing I appreciate most is the civility of the participants. The current topic is overpopulation.

Speaking of topics and discussion, I'm still soliciting feedback on yesterday's question: gambling - sin? Or something along that line. I tend to think, as I say in the comments, state sponsorship or casino gambling brings along a lot of problems that are unrecognized costs to society. And, that they enable gambling addiction (as do all other forms, true). Not to mention the whole stewardship of our $ issue. But the details about "casual gambling" are where I start to get a little less clear in how I feel about it. Is losing $50 in a friendly card game between friends taking the opportunity to hang out different, morally, from spending $50 on dinner and a movie? So...your thoughts appreciated.

God bless!

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