Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Trippin' 'Round the 'Sphere - 6/16 Edition

Christian Carnival is up at Daddypundit. Early favorites from this week are:

  • Team Hammer Musing’s look at the necessity of Biblical inerrancy for the professing Christian.

  • Notes from the front lines’real-life example that demonstrates that God never gives up on us. Thank God!

  • Hammah Im’s look at the Good Samaritan parable through modern eyes.

  • Hornswoggled’s alert that another “Jesus Seminar” is in the works. Let’s keep an eye out, shall we (and yes, it’s a humor item – at least I hope so!)

Soldado at The Lord My Dad lays out the need for, and method to obtain, salvation quite well. I like the structure – comment, then lots of scripture at each point in the progression.

Cross Blogging has a new symposium topic up: Parental Rights. Entry info in the post.

Adrian Warnock is doing big things with The Blogdom of God (Bog). The suspense is building…make sure if you know of any blogs out there written by Christians to let Adrian know, per the guidance in his post.

Adrian also is hosting a “contest” of sorts in conjunction with the editors of the ESV wherein three lucky (er, blessed) persons can receive a free ESV Bible. While I appreciate and use multiple different versions and translations, I do like and recommend the ESV as one of the better ones available. Even better, the discussion around this on Adrian’s blog should provide great insight into the ESV and Bible translation. Like from this post.


David said...

Hey, thanks much for checking out Horn+Swoggled and taking the time to link to it (and actually MENTION it)!

Now I'm off -- to poke around your blog. Isn't blogging cool?

Soldado De Oracion said...

Thank you very much for the link and the mention. I'm with David, looking around your blog, too. Yes, blogging is just sooo cool.

God bless you.

R. Stewart said...

Thanks guys - I'll make it unanimous (at least among the three of us) - blogging is cool.

Hammertime said...

Thanks for the mention, and I'm glad you liked the post!