Friday, June 10, 2005


Under the category of "especially intriguing blog entries":

Rev-ed's commentary on materialism. I think I'll print this one off to read at least weekly...I need it. Easy trap into which we fall in this culture.

I'm fond of my governor, and not just because he attends a church in my father's denomination. Governor Pawlenty's sense of humor was on fine display on Hugh Hewitt's show yesterday. This "state wars" between Minnesota and (my 2nd favorite state) Colorado - vis a vis the state quarters - is entertaining. It's even triggered some back and forth between some blogs in each state. (Full disclosure: As a member of the MOB, I will have to loyally side with the Fraters gents in the battle.) Make sure, though, that you go and vote at Radioblogger for which state quarter (hint: Minnesota's) is better looking.

Under the category of "upcoming events":

I have two series in the works. The first, which I'll start Monday, is about a Biblical view of the environment. The second is about something else...(trying to remember)...oh yes, marriage. You've been warned.

Under the category of "recent events":

The daughters are with their grandparents for the weekend. I'm hoping this means I can finally go to a movie (haven't been to a theater since the original release of "The Passion of the Christ".) Probable viewing would be Star Wars, so I can completely close that chapter of my geekography.

At least until the DVD comes out.

Under the category of "sports":

My softball team is now ranked #6 in the state for our classification, at least according to one publication. And, my wife went 4-6 with a bunch of rbi/3 runs scored in the most dominating women's league performance I've seen in a looooong time. Her team just kept hitting, and hitting, and hitting...three of my wife's at-bats were in the 2nd inning alone, and the thrashing was so thorough they only played four innings before the mercy rule was implemented. Now I know where my daughter's sweet t-ball swing comes from! And yes, I'll take every opportunity I can to brag on my wife. Brilliant, caring, beautiful, athletic and wise...and oh, so much more. (And that's on her bad days.)

Under the category of "enough about my life, how about something others might find interesting?":

The Great American Think-off is ready for the final debates. This year's topic was 'Competition or Cooperation: Which benefits society more?' My vote is highly nuanced as it depends on the specific circumstances. I don't want to see two football teams cooperate in the scoring of a touchdown ('tho the Vikings did that too often with opposing teams last year.) On the other hand, I'd like to see churches cooperate in preaching truth and helping those in need. For info on the contest, or the debates check out the link above. And bookmark it for next year's contest (questions announced around New Year's Day.)

Have a good weekend, and God bless!

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